1. Reception and washing the fruit: the fresh fruit is received from the different plantations. The process starts washing the fruits to eliminate possible residues and dirt. Then, a selection is made to get only the fruits that fulfill the requirements to be processed.
  2. Separation of the pulp: the clean and selected fruits are transported to the juice extractors that gently extract the juice and pulp from the fruit. Later in the process, the pulpy juice and the surplus of the fruit enter to separated lines of production to obtain different types of juice.
  3. Centrifugation: The obtained juices continue towards the centrifuges, which separate certain amount of pulp of the juice, in order to obtain the specification by each client.
  4. Evaporation: the evaporation process increases the concentration of the juice by removing water to get the percentage of brix required by the client.
  5. Storage: The finished product is stored in blenders to maintain it homogenous and reach the temperature required for its later packing.
  6. Packaging: The product is packed using a sterilized system in a double polyethylene bags. Immediately, the juice is frozen at -18 °C (0°F).