Frozen pasteurized pineapple juice (NFC)

We only use the MD2/Golden Premium variety to produce this juice.

Packing: this product is packed using a hermetic filling system which guarantees the best handling of the product. The juice is packed into polyethylene bags EasyFill type, and then into metal drums, cylindrical or conical. Immediately it is frozen and stored at -18 °C (0°F).

Quality specifications:

Analysis Range
Brix Corrected More than 12.0
Ratio 18.0 – 32.0
% Pulp 5.0 – 15
PH 3.5 – 4
Hunter Color L: More than 30.0
A: -6.0 a 5.0
B: More than 10.0
Defects 3 specks maximum per 100mL
Additives None, 100% natural