Quality is approached from an integral perspective, always looking for excellence under the premise of a continuous improvement. Our strict quality control begins in the fields where the fruits are harvested and transported at dawn or late in the afternoon to avoid that the fresh fruit can be damaged by the sun.

Also, we are located strategically in Muelle of San Carlos in the Northeast region of Costa Rica, where 60% of the pineapples of the country are grown. Therefore, our plant only process the fresh fruit harvested daily and transported just a few minutes from the fields to the processing plant. This way, short distances reduce damage in the pineapples.

The pineapples we use for our juices are only from MD2/Golden Premium variety and have these characteristics:

  • Free from transgenic and GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) material.
  • Free from Allergens.
  • Free from ionized products.

Additionally, we are registered in the FDA and we work under a Quality and Food Service Management System based on Good Manufacturing Practices. We have these certifications:

  • IRMA-logo
  • BRC
  • ISO
  • FDA-logo
  • K
  • RAC-logo